Hello Fello Tea Drinkers!


This is blog for those who sip the infamous botanical infusion (tea), and those who have yet to start, for those looking to cook just a tad more healthy for their families.

So here goes:

First lesson: Peek on the back of your latest tea purchase…is there “flavorings” or “extracts” listed at all?  No matter if the word organic or all natural is in front of these tell-tale terms.  What DOES matter is that this means you are no longer drinking pure tea.  You are drinking tea that has been flavored with over processed agents or alcoholic extracts(and yes,these could have a “natural” base…but think of all the “natural” things of every day life that we would NEVER consider steeping in hot water and drinking for an afternoon pick-me-up). Worse yet, the big guys get huge batches of tea, SPRAY flavorings, add a few pretty fruit pieces, and make a TON of money.

Hmmm…maybe they ARE on to something.

Just Kidding.  My father raised me with integrity…Back to the point, where CAN one find pure tea, with no added flavors, natural OR artificial?  Its difficult.  So I started blending, and eventually marketing, my own blends. Check it out: www.organictravelerstea.com  The place to go for pure tea blended only with organic ingredients.

Sip in Peace!


2 thoughts on “Hello Fello Tea Drinkers!

  1. For example, does anyone know what is in “Organic Vanilla Extract Powder”?? Well, I’ll tell ya: Organic ground sucrose and organic vanilla extractatives. So sugar and PARTS of vanilla can be found in this “Organic” compound…I find it easier to toss a couple organic vanilla beans in my food processor, then add to my blend..the aroma it puts off is like no other…

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