Skip Therapy-Drink Tea

WHEN PRESENTED WITH A MORE THEN MOUNTAINOUS  problem, most often a matter of the heart, my late Great Aunt Frances used to say to my mom, and other love-lorn women I’m sure, “Make a cup of tea and roll with it”.


Move over Freud & Dr. Phil, there is a new Dr. Joyce Brothers in town! (Actually she is no longer with us, but her spirit and the memory of her is one to be reckoned with.)

Mark and I with Aunt Frances and Uncle Mike, 2003ish

Which brings me to the point.  Some times problem solving is as simple as sipping a steaming cup of tea. (Organic loose tea, preferably)  The act itself, brewing tea, becomes a calm inducing ritual, forcing one to chill out while waiting for the water to boil, and then another waiting period while the tea brews. These moments lend themselves to self-reflection. We slow down, get back our grasp of reality.  Maybe this isn’t as big a problem as we think.  Maybe the solution is a phone call away to a close friend or loving relative.

Better yet, share this ritual with a friend.  Sitting across from one another, mug in hand, wrap your fingers, prayer like, around the warm ceramic, and step outside of your own troubles for a moment, focusing on the person across from you. Listen intently. Punctuate the conversation with brief sips of tea, a reprieve  from the seriousness of your talk.  Once the vessels have been drained of their healing liquid, you will feel better.  Yes better.


Just Try It.  Start Here:

Sun Parting the Clouds while Exiting the Adirondack Park



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