Cooking with Tea – Venison Fall Chile with Green Tea and Maple Syrup


Trekker’s Reprieve, a blend of gunpowder green tea, citrus and spices, gives a smoky depth to this venison chili.

THIS IS AN AWESOME RECIPE I just developed and got the approval of the husband and the 4 year old, so I must share!  Its quick and uses 1 pot! There are so many ways to incorporate the seasonal fall veggies and farmers markets finds along with delicious, healthful green tea.  Best of all, this is also gluten free!  The shining tea star for this recipe is Organic Trekker’s Reprieve, which adds a little somethin-somethin to the chile that you just can’t put your finger on.  The smokiness of the gunpowder green tea with the spices in this blend are a perfect match for this hot dish.  (Kinda like me and my hubby….)

***Looking for photos?  I will be updating shortly, with photos taken in my new food photography mini-studio!

You will need the following (I used all organic or homegrown ingredients tonight).

1 tablespoon of EVOO

1 pound of ground venison provided by your strapping hunter husband if possible. (Replace with extra veggies if you are not a meat eater.)

2 Onions, chopped

2 Green peppers, chopped

2 Garlic cloves, finely chopped

1 medium squash, diced

1 can diced tomatoes

1 can red kidney  beans

2 small cans of tomato sauce

2 cups of chicken (or veggie) broth

3 heaped teaspoons of Trekker’s Reprieve.  (It is blended with cinnamon, orange peel and mint) Sounds crazy, but it adds an incredible flavor.

1 tablespoon of organic local maple syrup

1 tablespoon each of cumin and coriander, both ground

Salt and pepper to taste

To cook:

1.  Brown onion, garlic and green pepper in olive oil. (about 10 min)

3.  While veggies are browning, bring 2 cups of broth to boil, take off heat, and steep tea.

4.  Push veggies to perimeter of pan, add venison and spices,  brown and stir well. (another 10 min)

5.  Add diced squash and cook (about 5 min)

6. Strain tea infused broth into mixture.

7. Add tomatoes and sauce, cook for 5 minutes, add kidney beans.

8. Stir in maple syrup, salt and pepper, bring to low boil then back down to a simmer.

9.  Simmer for 10-15 minutes (the longer the better)

10.  Serve over brown rice pasta along side a glass of fresh pressed apple cider for a gluten free, hearty, healthy, and most importantly DELICIOUS MEAL.