Tea & Romance…A Match Made in Heaven


Sipping Tea Together Can be a Very Unifying Experience

Please excuse this delayed Valentines day post.  (If you are still in the mood for some chocolate and roses, then our chocolate rooibos blend is for you, and thankfully there are a few bags of Valentine Fusion still on the shelves.)  I must say:


Recently I have re-discovered this truth along with my husband, over sipping some HOT tea.  It should be an herbal blend, enough to spark a little interest (in the beverage and each other) so a spiced blend is always a good option.  Add an almond cookie, scone or biscotti to the tray with hot brewed Luscious Lemon, sit cozy on the sofa, and talk as you sip..who knows where it will lead?? 

Travler's Tea in Quebec City

Exploring the Streets of Old Quebec

Now this emphasis on the sofa is reflective of the current economical conditions that have many of us spending more time at home then usual.  Not all of us can have a romantic foray, say in a place like Quebec City, at the most romantic french cafe nestled on the cobblestone roads of the Old City.  So since we can’t all TRAVEL for real as much as we like, lets travel through tea (Traveler’s Tea, wink, wink) and make a new discovery in each other. 

In the meantime, please humor me and answer this question:  What is the most romantic cup of tea you ever had?  Looking forward to your response.   

May your cup be full with delicious organic tea & LOVE, LOVE, LOVE…


Calorie Free with Tea

The label says it all….

The label says it all….

There comes a time in one’s adult life when we must choose our health over our tastebuds.  Yet there is no need to deprive ourselves of the wonderful flavors that often hide behind the gluten, sugar and fat: vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, blueberry, chocolate…

Enter:  Tea!  Inspired by the baked goods we all so desire, conveniently free of calories.
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